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Links > Great Taizhong {Taichung} mechanic Eric Lin

Eric Lin is an certified and experienced mechanic.  His certification training lasted five years.  He is a Yamaha specialist, but can and will fix anything you bring to him.  He speaks good English.  He's also a great guy.  A biking enthusiast himself, he rides trials bikes for fun.

One of the good things about Eric is that he is honest.  He'll tell you exactly what needs to be done to your bike, and what is not a problem or at least can go another few months.  You can trust that he will not do unnecessary work in order to bump up the price, and if he sees something that he thinks needs to be fixed, he'll phone you to OK it before going ahead with the work.

Another good thing is his professionalism and thoroughness.  In an area where it seems that the 'chabuduo' ('more or less' or 'it will do') mentality dominates, his patience and attention to quality work is exceptional.

You may be able to find slightly cheaper mechanics, but you won't find better ones.  If you care about your bike and live in the Taizhong {Taichung} area, I recommend you try Eric.

His shop is in Taizhong city, on Jinhuabeilu (Jinhua North Road), close to the junction with Beitvn Lu (Beitun Road).  After turning off Beitvn onto Jinhua, continue until you see a BMW motorcycle shop on your right, probably with an old BMW motorcycle parked in front.  Eric's shop is about one block after that, also on the right.  It has a big Yamaha sign.

Eric and I at his shop