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Very useful, interesting and active discussion forums and classifieds.  Essential reading!

Information on many aspects of motorcycling and the law in Taiwan can be found here:

Motor Vehicle Office Taipei City Government (online practice test, licence exchanges etc.)

Driving in Taiwan (AIT site; good info)


Great Taizhong {Taichung} mechanic Eric Lin - excellent website which has a lot of information about things to do, see, hear and eat in all areas of Taiwan.

David's Guide to Taiwan - lots of useful information and links on teaching English, studying Chinese, travelling, cycling, and Buddhism in Taiwan

Big Mountains in Little China: a Tour of Taiwan - journal and photos from a cycling trip Taichung - Taidong via some interesting places, by Isaac Morgan

Fast, easy-to-use web browser with very useful features Very good pizza, Caesar salad and other delicious food in this cozy Taipei restaurant, by all accounts.

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