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The next day was devoted to visiting the National Palace Museum in Taipei, which has one of the finest and biggest collections of Chinese art in the world. ( ).  Mum and I said goodbye to Don, who had to go back to Taichung.  He stopped very seldom and the ride took six hours.

Mum and I met my friend Jane and her young nephew, and we headed for the NPM, passing through the Shilin district of Taipei.  The streets there were clean and tidy.  They reminded me of European streets. 

The NPM itself was great.  We had decided to be tactical and not try to see all of the exhibitions, instead going to the ones that we were more interested in.  To see all of the things on display would take several days; this is the more impressive when you consider that at one time only a fraction of the whole collection is on exhibition.

Street in the Shilin district

Painted bowl

The ceiling in the tea shop on the 4th floor of the NPM

Elephant statue

A jade box lid, intricately carved at different depths

I seem to remember that this is one of the statues of the Eight Immortals, however people I showed this picture to all thought it was the god of wealth, so I'm not sure

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