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Duanwujie, often called Dragon Boat Festival in English, is celebrated in Chinese communities around the world.  For some very interesting information on this festival, I suggest you look here;

As that site says, Duanwujie "is highlighted by the dragon boat races, in which competing teams drive their boats forward rowing to the rhythm of pounding drums."

While the races were cancelled this year in many locations in Taiwan due to worries about SARS, the ones in Lugang went ahead.

Boat awaiting crew

Line of crew registering

A boat crew walking onto the plastic pontoon where the boats were moored and the judges had their podium

Smiling coxswain

Lifeguards (while we were there they didn't have a chance to practise their skills, luckily)

The drummer's stick is raised for the first stroke, the oars raised together

The stick falls, the oars bite the water. I am told that this crew were not very well coordinated; they impressed me, though.

Neck and neck

Having been first to seize the banner from a buoy along the river, the cox hands it to the judges, making his boat the winner of this race

Waving cox

Dog in a bag

This dog belonged to one of the competitors' relatives. It seemed perfectly happy. I suppose that at least this position kept it out of harm's way.

After watching several races, we went into Lugang town itself, where we visited the Tianhou temple.